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Formatting Instructions

  1. Ensure that your paper is well formatted (US Letter, two-column, and singlespace) and does not exceed the six-page limit.

Submission Instructions

  1. All the preparation and submission details are located at the CPS submission site: https://ieeecps.org/#!/auth/login?ak=1&pid=2QqAVSyl71T8QeQtVdBOmp

    • You need to create an account to log in, follow the instructions to submit the copyright, and ensure your final paper is IEEE Xplore compatible (pass the IEEE PDF eXpress validation).
    • Note that you MUST upload the Article PDF to the CPS submission site (Article Source and Supplemental File(s) are optional)

  2. IEEE PDF eXpress validation:

    • Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress with the conference ID 56066X.

      • First-time users should first “Create account” for the service with the conference ID 56066X, your email address and a password.
      • For questions, please access the Publications Support Center for IEEE PDF eXpress. If you do not find an answer in the “Find Answers” tab, go to the “Ask A Question” tab. Your question will be forwarded to IEEE PDF Support and answered within 3 business days.
    • Upload your final paper for validation.

      • To begin, click on the CREATE NEW TITLE button.
      • You can check 10 PDF files with one Paper ID.
    • Wait until the “Status” of your uploaded final paper becomes “Pass”.

      • Click RELOAD button to refresh the PDF Conversion/Validation status.
    • Approve your final paper for collection by clicking on the Approved button in the “Action” area.